I think it’s fair to say that this blogging business is going to be a ‘slowly slowly’ affair for me.  


Part of the reason for this is good.  I’m naturally a fairly slow person.  I take a long time to come to decisions, and the journey is as significant to me as the result.  It’s for this reason that I find lightening home makeover shows rather bemusing, albeit entertaining.  I am constantly astonished at how a stranger can enter someone’s home, and make a series of really significant decisions about rooms and colours and fixtures without, so it seems, actually spending any time there.  I’m equivalently astonished at how so often the transformation is such an improvement.  But this is not how I can approach life.  I like to live in a house for at least a year before I come to any major decisions.


I need to see where the sun penetrates the interior in winter.  How it falls across the garden seasonally.  I observe the Iron Paw for her pronouncements on thermal comfort.  Mostly, I dither about the best place for book cases, and how to get more bench space in the kitchen.  (I don’t know what it is about older Australian houses, but their kitchens are universally crappy).  So it seems that I will be doing the same thing with this blog.  Taking my time, feeling the texture of it, experimenting with colours and so forth.  Exactly what I am doing with my actual house, in which I have only lived for just over six months.


I suspect that there is some kind internal/external mirroring going on here.  I want the inside of my house to resemble the inside of a pearl shell.  Soft, slightly luminescent, gently curved.  Hints of pinks, and greys and blues.  A serene sea at the cusp of sunset.  My actual life is not remotely this calm.  So I have chosen for this blog possibly the most challenging theme I could have.  I currently feel more like I have been by the tsunami that I dreamt about this week.  So, slowly slowly.  Gently does it.  There is no need to flog myself over this too.



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