Behind the activity

So clearly, I meant what I said about slow.  Or is it just that I have been ridiculously busy?

Most post work evenings have been taken up with shed repairs, so that I can get on with the gargantuan task of creating an ordered life.  Papers filed.  Tax returns submitted.  Family photos described and stored safely.  That kind of thing.  That’s the problem with being a historian, I am now the repository for all the family papers.

Speaking of which, the last load of stuff from Mum and Dad’s arrived during the week.  This probably accounts for an atrocious amount of drinking, especially when I realised that the ONE TIME I didn’t get insurance from Perth to Canberra, the removalists managed to smash the leg of the hall table.  All the glass arrived safely, but not a solid wood table…So I was pretty upset about that.  And I haven’t found the emotional wherewithal to actually unpack the boxes yet.  I was deeply pleased to be reunited with Haumea, the wooden lady.  That was never her name when I was growing up with her, I have only discovered thats who she might be.  The goddess of fertility and childbirth.  Rather an odd choice for my parents, and perhaps I’ll go into that story on another post.

I have been to the Sunshine Coast to celebrate my other sister’s 30th birthday.  The Sunshine Coast was largely devoid of sunshine, but as I rather like rain I was OK with that.  My sister was appalled however, having planned a beach party.  I am using the word plan lightly.  Her approach to party planning is about as flexible as a ballerina.  Luckily I can do food quite well, although my other domestic talents are quite limited.  She was also rather appalled by the behaviour of her boyfriend, as R and I were too.  She’s avoided all questions as to the state of the relationship post party…I also got to meet up with my lovely friend Studmuffin, the nickname I bestowed upon him some years ago while talking about writing.  He asked me if I was going to make him a character in one of my novels and so I said yes, you can be the studmuffin hero of the piece.  I hadn’t seen Studmuffin and his wife since one of the funerals.  We both got a bit gulpy again talking about Mel.  So I am planning another trip where I can have bit more time with them both than a rushed, albeit, delightful breakfast at Smilers at Dickey’s Beach.

I’ve had some adventures in acupuncture, which regrettably made me feel worse.  I was surprised by this, as my previous explorations had been most efficacious.  However the reason I went was different, and so one cannot expect the same result.  On the positive side, while spending quite some time totally spaced out and trippy I ‘got’ a story, and lo and behold, it’s still writing itself.  This would probably be my record for being able to write in the flow before my more critical side kicks in and stymies me.    

In my remaining time, I have been doing genealogy.  On the biological family.  I’m doing a little skeleton rattling, something I feel perfectly entitled seeing as I am one of them.  Genealogy is remarkably addictive and time consuming once you have started.  But I am doing quite well, largely thanks to the power of the internet.  Increasingly large numbers of documents are now digitised, and being resident of Canberra, I have the delights of the National Library of Australia (possibly my favourite place in Canberra) at my fingertips.

How does this all relate to my blog’s aim, of a kinder, gentler and more creative world?  The acupuncture started because I was trying to be kind to myself, and find a circuit breaker for the latest grief outbreak with the sale of Mum and Dad’s house, and the trip to Queensland was because she was kind enough to come and celebrate my 40th with me just after Mum died and I wanted to be there for her.  The shed is because I hope that organisation/clutterbusting will clear the decks for other newer, fresher stuff to come in.  And the genealogy is about other notions of inheritances and identity and who the *&^% am I?  A creative question, if I ever heard one.  



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